12th December 2020 | by Torres Strait Islanders Media Association


In the lead up to their 35th anniversary celebrations earlier this month, Torres Strait Islanders Media Association (TSIMA) united all Board Members and outer island staff for training and planning for 2021.

The TSIMA Board Members reviewed the organisation’s Strategic Plan and Operations Plan while the staff completed training in the new Zetta system.

TSIMA Board President Mrs Ivy Trevallion explained that the Board recognised the importance of the team meeting before the end of the year.

“This gathering was the first time all staff have met since before COVID-19. It was really good to see the team come together and share knowledge, skills and experience. It was important for team morale and for new ideas,” Mrs Trevallion said.

TSIMA Operations Manager Diat Alferink said that Outer Island Radio4MW Broadcasters (also known as RIBS Operators) have been operating in isolation, but their recent visit will give Broadcasters a chance to forward plan as a team.

“We were very excited to have our outer island team members fly in for training, especially as we have launched our new Zetta system,” Ms Alferink said.

“While our team were in training, our Board Members hosted their final sitting for 2020 and discussed the future of the organisation, the future of media for the region and how TSIMA can further amplify Torres Strait voices,” Ms Alferink added.

The Board Members Strategic Planning was facilitated by Sandra Fields of Fieldworx. Over two days, they reflected on TSIMA’s achievements and reviewed the organisation’s vision, including long-term and short-term goals.

In addition to Zetta training, the TSIMA team also had another session of film training with Alex Smee from Multi-Media Story.

“Upskilling the crew will allow for a seamless launch of TSIMA films in 2021 where TSIMA will produce short animations, documentaries and films,” Ms Alferink explained.

“2021 is going to be another massive year for TSIMA. We are going into the New Year with drive, creativity and passion,”

“We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our funding bodies who have supported us through COVID-19 and throughout 2020. On behalf of the Torres Strait Islanders Media Association, we wish everyone in the Torres Strait and NPA a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,” Ms Alferink added.

TSIMA encourages everyone to tune into RADIO4MW 1260AM over Christmas and New Year for island songs, latest music and pre-recorded programs to keep you entertained over the break.

TSIMA Media Contact, Diat Alferink 07 4069 1524