5th Sept 2020 | by Torres Strait Islanders Media Association


Torres Strait Islanders Media Association (TSIMA) are expanding its services to include film and visual storytelling. With over 35 years of media experience in the Torres Strait region, including the consistent operations of RADIO 4MW – the region’s only radio service – the decision to develop a film program was the organisation’s next step in its evolution.

Last week, the TSIMA team attended an intensive film and video training workshop hosted by Alex Smee of Multi Story Media. The training was to upskill the organisation’s collective understanding of industry requirements.

During the sessions, the TSIMA team pre-planned a video project that will be shot over the next three months and launched in November 2020. Part of this project included capturing video content at Bua Mabo’s Jnr EP Launch and an upcoming deep dive into TSIMA’s rich history.

Torres Strait Islanders Media Association (TSIMA) Board President Mrs Ivy Trevallion said: “TSIMA is a growing media organisation that is dedicated to supporting the creative industries, from music to film.”

“COVID-19 offered the opportunity for the team to explore other creative outlets and upskill with the appropriate training,” Mrs Trevallion added.

TSIMA Operations Manager, Diat Alferink said: “The organisation is future planning for post COVID-19. We know the importance of community stories and we are going to share them both on RADIO 4MW and visually on film.”

“COVID-19 has fast tracked our media goals and we know that digital platforms will become the new normal for attending festivals, concerts and shows, and we want the Torres Strait to be part of these virtual performances,” Ms Alferink added.

TSIMA has a pre-existing relationship with SBS NITV and by developing a dedicated film component of the organisation, TSIMA will give Torres Strait the opportunity to contribute more work from the homeland to air on national television.

“We foresee TSIMA producing short films, music films clips with musicians, animations in Language, and working with national programs to capture visual content from within our region,” Ms Alferink explained.

TSIMA are utilising COVID-19 and its impact on the creative industries to pivot and improve their service delivery for the Torres Strait region.


TSIMA Media Contact, Diat Alferink 07 4069 1524