8th December 2020 | by Torres Strait Islanders Media Association


Following their 35th anniversary celebrations, the Torres Strait Islanders Media Association (TSIMA) have just launched their new radio system Zetta.

In time for Christmas and the New Year, Zetta will allow broadcasters to effortlessly pre-program shows, music and interviews for effective distribution across Radio4MW’s multi-channel station, including IndigiTube and the Radio4MW Smartphone App.

TSIMA Board President Mrs Ivy Trevallion explained that the much-needed upgrade will ensure that Radio4MW continues to deliver efficient radio services across the Torres Strait region.

“Times are changing and so is technology. It’s important that TSIMA keep up to date with new technologies to ensure that our media channels are competitive and relevant in today’s overcrowded media spaces,” Mrs Trevallion said.

Radio4MW Senior Broadcaster Ms Sylvia Tabua said that the new system is direct from America and is completely flexible.

“We’re very excited to have the new Zetta system in place. We’ve waited a long time for it to arrive and now that it’s here, everyone is thrilled to see what it can do,”

“Now when our interviewees and guests come into the studio, we’ll be able to record directly into Zetta, edit the tracks and then have it broadcasted within minutes, all using one easy program. This is perfect for my shows, especially the Brekky Bot,” Ms Tabua added.

TSIMA Operations Manager Diat Alferink said that Radio4MW Broadcasters have been undergoing Zetta training for the past few months and due to COVID-19, these have all been hosted via Zoom.

“Our Broadcasters have adapted well to the new normal created by COVID-19, which includes virtual training,” Ms Alferink shared.

“Broadcasters Anthony Gea Gea and Luke Mosby have been crucial in the set up and transition into Zetta. They have been behind the scenes, renaming our library of over 20,000 songs and ensuring each has correct metadata information,”

“Zetta will ensure that Radio4MW’s workflow is consistent, even on the weekends and holidays,” Ms Alferink added.

Christmas and New Year shows are being pre-programmed and listeners will be able to enjoy consistency across all of our shows in the new year.


TSIMA Media Contact, Diat Alferink 07 4069 1524