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Radio4MW reaches an Indigenous audience. It’s as simple as that. If you’re an organisation/business based in the Torres Strait or if you provide services to Torres Strait Islanders and you wish to advertise to this niche audience, Radio4MW offers you a voice.

The station and broadcasters are majority Torres Strait Islanders that volunteer and work full or part time. Radio4MW offers employment, training and opportunities for Indigenous people to pursue a career in radio, media or music.

In order for the station to survive and continue to grow, it requires sponsorship from local and external businesses.


  • Your content will be tailored to appeal to the listening audience
  • Sponsorship rates are generous
  • We’ll reinforce your place in the community
  • Your advertisement is guaranteed airtime (unlike community service announcements)
  • Quick turnaround of creative
  • Ability to alter, update and refresh your advertisement daily (if needed)


  • Live or recorded sponsorship reads
  • Copywriting, music, direction and complete sponsorship production
  • Live spots and reads about your business
  • Seamless integration in programs
  • Alignment of sponsorship spots to your business
  • On-air promotion of your business at community events and services
  • Off-air promotions and support
  • Social media engagement, sharing and backlinking (3k+ followers on Facebook)


By advertising on Radio4MW you’ll always have the potential to reach 60,000 Torres Strait Islanders living across Australia, with Strait news and music, on channel 922 on the VAST satellite network.

Radio 4MW have open spots for Major Sponsors for current and future Programs.

As a sponsor, you’ll receive frequent promotion of your business during our most popular segments.

Promotions, stunts and contests can create word of mouth, increase awareness & recall, & market share, create compelling listening and are great revenue drivers for advertisers.

We are aware that local businesses have limited marketing budgets but can benefit from strong PR via these promotions.

Radio4MW is delivers a wide range of original and creative promotional campaigns throughout the year welcome sponsors that have the same community outlook as our programs.

In return, you’ll receive 30 second spots that will be scheduled to air during the popular time segments for your target market, Monday-Friday for a 12-month duration. We are pleased to offer free 1260 ROS play and complimentary plays over the weekends as well.

Additional production services such as voice over and studio time can be arranged.

Our team will tailor voice over scripts to suit your message and TSIMA will prepare and record these scripts to your specifications in both English and Creole using a mixture of Male and Female voices.

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