Project Description

Mr. Jimmy Gela has bloodlines to Erub (Darnley) Island but was born and raised on Thursday Island where his father worked at the Waiben (Thursday) Island Hospital before moving across to the General Hospital.

Jimmy worked on the Railways after finishing High School in 1974. He lived on the both the mainland and Erub Island, before relocating to Erub Island in 2000. Jimmy was elected as the Councillor for Erub at the Island Council elections in 2004 and the Councillor for Erub at the TSIRC election in 2012. He held office as the Erub PBC chair and continues to hold that position today.

Jimmy was elected onto the TSIMA Board in 2017 and he hopes to work with the Board Members and staff to strengthen the organisation. His knowledge and expertise of working in other Corporations and Association will be invaluable to TSIMA. He wishes to develop TSIMA into a reputable brand both within the Torres Strait region and nationally.

He wants to establish the Torres Strait language, culture and traditional lifestyles to the wider Australian communities. Jimmy speaks Creole predominately, but also understands Meriam Mir.