Project Description

Nancy Pearson is a resident of Kirriri. Her family totems that she shares ‘pasin’ with include the Morning and Evening Star(the planet Venus) and the tern or ‘surrah’. Her roots connects her back to Mer – Ulag Village, Gergeramle(Sunrise people)and Dauarebamle. From Erub, Saisarem to Mabiuag, Wagadagam.

As an elected representative of community
at grassroots, local and federal government levels, her strengths have been as verbal as the surrah in communication. As inquisitive too, seeking information, sharing and gathering.

Nancy’s aim is to work towards an informed, empowered and safe community through social media and involvement of all stakeholders – to benefit all our families and individuals in seeking further information, knowledge through debatable forums and immersion in healthy and safe lifestyle choices.

Her interests include gardening, arts and crafts, reading and listening to music or a great debate on any media stream.