Torres Strait Islanders Media Association Inc. Board Members


Ivy Trevallion – President

Mrs Ivy Trevallion was appointed to the position of TSIMA Board President in February 2020. Her appointment replaces former president Mrs Margaret Cowley, who had held the vital role for nine consecutive years. Mrs Trevallion is a proud Torres Strait Islander woman. In her professional career, she has held the role of cultural safety advocator and she is a highly recognised Social Worker. Ivy returns to the organisation after having previously held an executive position with TSIMA as Treasurer for several years. Ivy was the first Torres Strait Islander Social Worker having graduated from Queensland University in 1986. She has worked in health as a Social Worker for over 30-years and continues to advocate for Torres Strait Islander rights and cultural safety. Mrs Trevallion is also an active representative on several national bodies.


Jack Kepa – Vice President

Jack was born on Thursday Island in the Kaurareg Country and was raised on Yorke and Yam Island in the Kulkalgal Country in the Central Torres Strait. Jack is the 6th Generation of one of the most Fierce Legendary Warrior of the Torres Strait named King Kebisu and 8th generation of King Kebisu Grandfather Diri native of Tudu Island (Warrior Island) an Island also from the Kulkalgal region. Jack’s totem is the Kursi(Hammerhead Shark) & Kodal (Crocodile).


Norah Mosby – Secretary

She is a proud Torres Strait Islander, her bloodlines to Erub (Darnley) and Masig (Yorke) Islands.  But was born and raised on Thursday Island. I’m currently working with Mura Kosker Sorority under the Family Wellbeing Program, my role as a Case Worker which services the Inner Islands (TI,Hammond and Horn Islands). In 2019,  I have been elected to the position of Secretary for the TSIMA Board  and February 20 I was re-elected into the position. I’m looking forward to working Management and Staff to learn more about Media.


Yuriko Nakachi – Treasurer

Yuriko Nakachi was born on Thursday Island, her father is of Japanese decent (Okinawan), and Hawaiian, (Kailua-Kona).  Yuriko's mother's identity stretches over Western Islands to the far Eastern Islands of Murray (Mer), Darnley, (Erub) Islands in the Torres Strait region and of Melanesian background.  Through her cultural connections today, Yuriko, practices and have brought into her way of life the richness of all cultures from where all her ancestors originated. In her professional career, Yuriko has held many roles, has extensive social, community service, community development and project management background and have also worked within the Native Title sector for many years.  Yuriko currently works for Mura Kosker Sorority, and continues to work intently throughout advocating and providing support for her people in the Torres Straits.