Project Description

Rita Kaitap was born at Thursday Island and her father reigns from the Far Western Island of Saibai and Western Samoan and her mother reigns from Far Eastern Island of Mer and Rotumah Island of Fiji and both their families settled at Badu Is from where she inherits and speaks Kala Lagau Ya. Rita has extensive administrative and community service, community development and disability background and has been an executive/ board member for Education committees, Social Justice committees in the region for many years. Rita has worked for TSIMA in the initial years with Bebe Ellie Gaffney as her admin officer and often helped the broadcasters with collating and translating the news into creole and collating Request Line. Rita was the Treasurer for TSIMA for the last two terms and is now a TSIMA member for the Near Western Islands since relocating back to Kubin. Rita has worked in all the outer islands for the last 12 years in her previous work and built rapports and knowledge of the areas. Rita is a musician/singer and has a passion to develop TSIMA’s portfolio in the preservation of oral history in stories and songs of the Torres Strait and also in providing developmental opportunities for potential Torres Strait artists. Rita’s believes TSIMA has the potential to grow into video and print media as well.